Learning to Deprioritise Those Distractions

Wherever our focus goes is where our energy flows….

God knows life is coming at us hard! Everywhere we turn, it almost feels like a cloud of negativity is weighing us down. From the grim realities of facing this deadly COVID-19 virus to the economic fallout and the real fears of how the pandemic can adversely impact us and our loved ones. Then there is the work environment where nothing feels the same; social interactions are limited and awkward. There literally seems to be a general feeling of uneasiness that may very well be playing with our minds.

Set Your Mind

So how can we recenter our core in the face of it all? Truthfully, it comes down to how you set your mind and the conscious decisions we make to depriorotise some of the distrations. We must regain control of the mind before we drown under this cloud of negativity. It is time to set our minds so that the focus becomes on the possibilities with the firm reminder that wherever your focus goes your energy flows. Now is the time to take proactive action to change the frequency at which we are vibrating.

The reality is that so many things are now beyond our control. To continue on the current trajectory could be detrimental to our life goals. We run the risks of holding ourselves back from the future that is still very much within our reach so it is crucial that we set our minds.

Time For Action

We have all had our moment! Many of us have wallowed in these distractions long enough. If our lives have been spared up to this point, then it is time for us to refocus!

Time to make and activate a game plan with the understanding that it is only possible if we set our mind with a new layer of positivity. It is time to challenge yourself more and reflect on those dreams you have buried way deep down inside. Time to become a “focused dreamer” and allow those thoughts to reach the surface. This may require you to take a day or two for yourself to embrace the power of pause, which happens to be a very good practice.

You must however be prepared to move beyond just your thoughts. Those thoughts must translate to a written plan; no matter how bold or scary or even crazy there may seem. You owe it to yourself to explore the possibilities. Creating that list makes you accountable for execution of your dreams.

Spend time nourishing your dreams and ideas as this is a perfect way to create positive reinforcements. It redirects your focus away from the negativity and distractions and can literally breed a new layer of excitement.

Reprioritise Those Distractions

This new found energy and excitement will require the support of some other real life changes if you are to get and stay on the right track. You will need to become intentional about the things and people you allow in your inner circle. Your peace above all and a willingness to move must become your new mantra. Check out these practical tips that can assist with that:

1. Everything Is Not Urgent
The panic calls from family and friends with “crisis” situations that tend to weigh you down will need a better lens or filter. Everything does not need your undivided attention in the exact moment so get in the habit of letting some things and some people wait it out. From my experience, by the time you get back to the situation the crisis has been averted.

2. Create A Favorites List
Who are those people in your life that you need to always give of your time? Empower yourself by putting those names on speed dial. Now you are in better control of the “do not disturb” numbers that didn’t make it on the favorites list. In real terms, that workmate that’s calling to vent about what another team member did again or a decision the manager made that’s not sitting well with them most likely can wait.

3. Filter The News
We have literally consumed negative news for 20 months and counting. It’s time to start reassessing our daily source of information. You will find that unfollowing some people, social media pages or news programs can be actually quite liberating. Now may be a good time to get in some more positive reading. Self development books and articles that can build on your existing foundation can really help to set the mind for pursuing those new dreams and aspirations.

4. Reserve Your Contribution
Every situation doesn’t always warrant a response. Once you get in the habit of filtering the conversations you choose to be a part of you actually start to feel way more empowered to walk away from discussions that don’t feed your soul or direction.

5. Choose Your Battles Carefully
And finally, your own emotional well-being must become your priority. You need to adopt a posture of peace above all else. The need to always respond or jump right into defensive mode really takes a toll. So many fights are unfolding daily. Ask yourself, do you really need to exert your energy on each one? The real power comes from staying at the sidelines. No longer embracing the urge to voice an opinion.

Changed behavior is never easy but self-regulation is empowering and soon enough others will notice the change and learn very quickly the type of energy and discussions in which you wish to participate in. Your focus becomes reserved for the things and people that offer you upliftment or as I like to say, for the people and things that are good for your soul.

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