Embracing Your Storms

“Faith and Focus over Fear….”

Recently, one of my close girlfriends reminded me that every storm does not come to break you. Some actually come to strengthen you and to renew your faith, focus and fortune.

The thing is, in the face of adversity our minds begin to plays tricks on us to a point where we can become so consumed with negative thoughts and emotions that we lose the ability to even process things logically. We can become so buried in the moment of our struggle that it’s hard to see beyond the horizon long enough to envision a clear approach that explores the possibilities or even to find what could be a worthwhile lesson.

While every storm doesn’t come with the same level of intensity, the reality is that depending on the frequency of the storms, our core can start to feel somewhat wobbly. The truth is, when battling through such moments it is never at all easy.

We must always acknowledge and validate our feelings in the moment while being mindful not to allow overly negative feelings to take up too much root. The goal when faced with adversity is to bounce back to some level it normalcy by confronting your reality.

The Faith Factor

Our level of faith will be a key success factor to how we overcome moments of adversity. In hindsight, God has promised us peace but not the absence of pressure so it’s our job to reposition ourselves amidst the storm and set our minds on a positive outlook for the future.  This mindset shift in itself is sure to produce a win; yet, takes a huge dose of faith for this kind of thinking to step in.

Faith truly is a test of our endurance as it requires us to believe in what we cannot see. Most times compounded by fear, this is why our faith sometimes becomes wobbly and more so based on the intensity of the adversity.

We must empower ourselves with a firm belief that better is indeed around the corner and with a renewed thinking that “this too shall past”. Activating this level of faith will require us to really focus in while positive thinking is the secret weapon that will keep us moving.

The Focus Factor

Being intentional in our actions many times helps us to reap real results. Our willingness to fight will come down to our level of intentionality and focus. Personally, we will all have our moment; however, if we are truly to overcome we will have to get up and fight with a renewed level of focus. We must set our mind towards the desired outcome forever mindful that wherever our focus goes is where our energy goes and yes, this has been proven.

Our fortune will depend on how we move and the actions we take in the moment. Truthfully, our ability to really bounce back will depend on our combination of faith and focus. We owe it to our future to exhaust all possible solutions. Our ability to see beyond the horizon helps to renew our thrust for a better outcome.

We must never allow ourselves to ever lose hope because giving up on ourselves can never be an option. One thing is for certain no storm every last forever so the willingness to fight is what will make the world of difference! Overtime, your triumph of the storms embraced will inevitably shape who you have become….

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