Creating A Positive Mindset

“Positive thoughts trigger positive actions which bring positive outcomes!”

Someone recently asked me “how are you able to always maintain such a positive disposition?”  The truth is I have learnt overtime that positivity is a personal choice. I don’t only have positive thoughts after all, I am human. I just don’t allow the negative emotions to take up root as these feelings many times cloud your judgement.

A positive way of thinking empowers and stimulates positive actions. This happens to be a key fertilizer for growth and progression. Inevitably, from time to time the negative thoughts will come rushing in yet we must fight hard to redirect those feelings if we are to escape the habit of giving way to negative emotions. We must be intentional about rejecting those unwanted emotions through conscious thinking and positive affirmations.

The Fear Factor

Now more than ever people are grappling with anxiety, fear and other difficult emotions. The greatest challenge to holding a positive frame of mind comes when the situation is compounded by personal fear. Fear of losing a job, fear of what others think, fear of a health situation, fear of lack of progression, fear of the unknown and the list can go on and on.

The emotion of fear can sometimes have such a crippling effect that it evokes and compounds our level of negative thinking.  Once this kind of thinking is allowed to take up too much root it can spread like a wild flower with the potential to erode your dreams, goals and aspirations.

You must strive daily to bring a positive mindset to every situation. Your own attitude towards life is a key driving force behind your level of progression. We either empower or release negativity based on our own thinking and actions.

Ways to Build A Positive Mindset

The goal is to build a more positive outlook so that when faced with adversity and negative situations we are better equipped for the journey ahead. Here are some tips that hopefully will resonate with anyone working through their own personal trials and tribulations.

Get Grounded In Your Emotions – the reality is that you can only address the feelings you acknowledge and accept exists. You must be honest with yourself and call out those negative emotions when they come to the surface. This will help you to tap into what you are feeling in order to trigger healing or reverse the feeling.

Find A Source Of Inspiration – it is important to always find something that keeps us grounded. Personally, I rely on my faith in God and His daily promises. Other sources of inspiration can include the practice of positive affirmations, listening to music, journaling, reading and mindfulness . You must shape your thinking so that even in light of fear you are prepared to keep moving. The only way through fear is with intentional thinking.

Your Words Become Your Reality – be careful what you verbalize because your words carry so much weight and can become your reality. Negative thinking triggers negative words which fuels a toxic mind-space. You need to consciously reject those negative thoughts early and replace them with more positive thinking.

Reach Into Your Circle – I can’t emphasize enough how important your inner circle is to your level of positivity. You need to get around quality people who you trust to encourage and support you on your journey. Your circle should be able to pull you back when needed in order to snap you back into reality.

Belief In Yourself – you must believe that there is purpose in where you are in your journey. There is power in positive thinking but this starts from within. You have to believe that you have what it takes to bring about the transformation you desire in order to achieve the vision. This deep-rooted self belief will force you to tap into your potential daily.  You are what you belief so always strive for a spirit of peace and tranquility.

Keep Moving – the more you do the more confident you will become and this increases your level of positivity.  Each step you take empowers you to believe that if you did it before you can certainly do it again. The goal is always to keep moving!

Don’t Forget The Power of Reflection – many times we overlook the power of reflection. Your own acknowledgement of the situation can make a world of difference. Pausing to reflect in a positive space can breed feelings of positive affirmations that remind us that our work here is far from done.

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