About Life Lessons

LIFE LESSONS A Purpose Driven Leadership Journey

In all things I give God thanks!

I am reminded daily that life really isn’t about finding yourself, it’s about discovering who God created us to be and living our lives with purpose as we strive to keep evolving.

LIFE LESSONS A Purpose Driven Leadership Journey is a testament that it really does not matter where you start and to what is possible when your dreams and aspirations are married with hard work, determination, consistency and a very strong faith in God. My hope is that my new book will act as a guide for other career professionals and for anyone with dreams and personal aspirations

My entire life has been about chasing my dreams while working to create a path that would inspire others to follow. Today, I live by two personal mantras: “anything worth doing simply needs to get done” and “you got to love what you do.” My book was born out of sheer determination to live out my God-given purpose to shape a path for future generations to follow.

In my book LIFE LESSONS A Purpose Driven Leadership Journey, I share a collection of important life lessons that have defined my leadership journey. The book speaks to dreams, struggles and a path to success and fulfillment.

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