Mentoring and Coaching

Never negotiate with your dreams! Be open to changing the course and even the timing but never the ultimate goal…

I’m committed to helping aspiring leaders and other career professionals to develop or strengthen the key attributes and personal qualities necessary to build a strong personal brand, while aligning their actions with deeper purpose and passion in pursuit of both personal and professional advancement.

Mentorship 101

My commitment is to help existing and aspiring leaders and other young professionals to refocus their daily actions in order to build a strong personal brand that aligns to their purpose, passions and potential as they seek to grow and advance in their careers. If you are interested, complete the form below and let’s see how we can help you jump start your journey.

Personal Coaching

We can all benefit from having someone in our life who believes in us and helps to bring out the very best in us. Our personal coaching sessions bring about self discovery and clarity on what you want to achieve, what direction you are heading and the most viable paths that will get you there. Want to learn more? Connect with us below.


“Alison is the epitome of an excellent mentor. From my introduction to her in 2016 until now, Alison has recognized my true potential and through her guidance contributed to my professional and personal development, which has resulted in my  successful transition from Mentee to Mentor.
Through our unique Mentee relationship which was not only based on mutual respect, trust and shared values but also filled with timely and relevant communication and encouragement to step out of my comfort zone; guiding me to achieve my strategic objectives and sharing her extensive knowledge and experiences with me. Alison has catapulted me to achieving my goals and becoming a better leader for my team.”

Carol Prescod

“Alison was an invaluable source of advice, motivation and guidance throughout a tumultuous period in my life.  She effectively identified my strengths and helped me to establish a personal brand and value proposition: two tools that gave me the confidence to assert my worth. She helped me to clarify those areas of my professional  soft skills that were weak and never once had a condescending nor impatient tone. I left every conversation feeling like progress was made mentally. She is a great leader, motivator and advisor. Excellent at helping you to bring out your best.”  

Rhonelle Waldron

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