Boss Ladies United

Meet the team at Boss Ladies United!

“The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones that do!” – Steve Jobs

Who are we?

The Boss Ladies United is a professional development and networking society introduced to Inspire, Empower, Elevate and Unite women of all levels.

Our Vision

To unite an army of stronger, better well-rounded Boss Ladies where empowerment, mentorship and collaboration comes second to nature and where everyone is focused on winning.

Our Guiding Principles

  • Transformation begins with a vision
  • Transformation begins in the heart
  • Transformation requires boldness and confidence
  • Transformation requires openly sharing life lessons with others
  • Transformation requires vulnerability
  • Transformation begins with one single step and consistency  
  • Transformation begins with each and every one of us

Our Mission

To cultivate a professional development and networking society for women that stimulates growth, elevation and transformation through the roll out of training programs and networking activities. We will build bridges that allow all women to walk confidently into their purpose, while eagerly supporting the journey of other women on their own path to success.

Our Charter

  • Our mission is to cultivate goal setting and go-getter mindsets that allow women to crush their goals, while focusing on celebration and collaboration, over competition.
  • We are committed to building bridges that will allow women at all levels to get excited about the vision they have for their future! Our goal is to unite an army of Boss Ladies that genuinely encourage and support each other.

The Boss Ladies United seeks to empower women to walk boldly in their confidence by building competence because we firmly believe that a win for one woman, is a win for all!