Give the Gift of Inspiration this Christmas!

Are you an aspiring leader and feeling stuck in your career? Need some inspiration to advance your career to the next level? Or simply need some inspiration to elevate to the next level? Maybe you or a friend are experiencing some of these feelings.

The book “LIFE LESSONS A Purpose Driven Leadership Journey” written by Alison Browne-Ellis is aimed at creating a roadmap or guide for our future leaders and for anyone with dreams and aspirations. The book provides invaluable career tips, advice and insights wrapped around some of the author’s most defining personal life lessons that shaped her leadership journey, while moving from a life of poverty to the ranks of CEO. 

Written in such a way that makes the book relatable, informational and inspirational, “LIFE LESSONS A Purpose Driven Leadership Journey” is a testament that it really does not matter where you start and to what is possible when your dreams and aspirations are married with hard work, determination, consistency and a strong faith in God.

Available now on Amazon and Amazon Kindle! 

In “LIFE LESSONS A Purpose Driven Leadership Journey“, you will gain clarity and a deeper understanding of the power of connecting with your purpose, along with some other very important life lessons:

  • the power of determination and discipline
  • how a positive attitude and gratitude can become a new Superpower
  • why it is important to always Get Up. Get Dressed and Show Up
  • the power that comes when you promote yourself to the CEO of Your Life
  • how having a growth mindset can literally transform your journey and strengthen your personal brand
  • how embracing greater accountability can improve your ability to better manage risks and overcome obstacles
  • ways to increase your level of influence to claim your seat at the table
  • why it is important to leverage your leadership style in times of crisis.

This book acts as a source of inspiration and highlights the personal qualities needed to achieve greater success, while creating higher levels of self awareness that help to reposition you for career advancement opportunities, while building a strong personal brand.

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