Casting A Vision for 2022 and Beyond

There is absolutely nothing wrong with having high aspirations for yourself…

I am not the biggest believer of horoscopes; yet, ever so often I feel compelled to take a peak as the universe sometimes seems to be sending me a message.

As I was thinking through my goals for 2022, I made a pact with myself to incorporate more frequent quality moments of pause and to prioritize my health. I now accept that I can only achieve all the things I actually want to accomplish in this life if both my physical and mental health are intact. I now reject the notion of this “always-on” approach and strive for a better blend of life.

In true universe style, my horoscope read “put together a list of what you want to do that will make you feel good about yourself and your life. Taking care of your health and choosing activities that build strength and character will bring you closer to my goal.”

The reality is we stand a better chance at pursuing and achieving our goals if we can connect with the reason why we want to accomplish the goal in the first place. Understanding your why helps you to narrow your focus while shaping a crystal clear vision for your life.

Casting A Vision

Part of the reason why we sometimes struggle to stay on track while in pursuit of our goals is because we doubt the ability to truly execute the vision.

A deep-rooted belief in your ability to pursue the things of your heart is where the magic happens. We must never be afraid of having high aspirations. Eleanor Roosevelt shared that “the future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” The irony however is that “our dreams don’t work unless we do.” – John C. Maxwell. We must therefore be prepared to dream and dream big realizing that our goals will always stretch us outside of our current capacity.

If we are prepared to dream then we must equally be prepared to act ~ to move! Our level of intentionality to move in the direction of our dreams is what will make the world of difference. You must be willing to cast your vision while defining success on your own terms. We also need to dream with an abundance mindset and stop limiting our own thoughts which subconsciously shapes the final outcome. What other people think of our dreams and aspirations is secondary to what we think and believe for ourselves.

Make 2022 Your Best Year Yet

Don’t allow your current situation to keep your dreams buried! You have a right to dream and to dream big. Start where you are and use the resources you have at your disposal to do what you can.

Bring some clarity to the things you want to achieve this year by writing your goals down. A good brain dump is always good for the soul. Don’t allow yourself to become overwhelmed; choose two or three of the things that tug at your heart the most. These are likely tied to a greater purpose and will activate an even greater passion and drive to get things done.

Be a “Focused Dreamer” as this is one sure way to keep things moving. Break your goals down into actionable steps that form a feasible game plan. The secret is to take on bite-sized tasks as this is way more likely to produce a better result. You are then able to build on the initial momentum that helps to keep things moving.

And when the fear comes a calling, remind yourself of how truly powerful and resilient you are and just keep moving. There must be no downsizing of the dream. We must accept that fear is just part of the process we have to endure towards a better quality of life.

Time For Meaningful Action

It’s time to show up for yourself! ~ ABE

If you dream and work at the same time you have a real chance at bringing about major transformation. Remember, little changes over time add up to real results.

Make this coming year your best year ever. Do more of what stimulates a sense of fulfillment in your life. Focus on unlocking excellence versus striving for success as this will keep you driven by a desire to constantly get better; to personally improve. Society has painted a picture of what success looks like but I believe that we must all define success by our own standards.  The overall goal should be to get better each day, each month and each year. This should be our personal mission.

Visualise the future you aspire to and move to build those plans. Write those dreams down! Keep your focus locked but also give yourself some grace from time to time.  Just know that whatever you believe about yourself becomes the benchmark for your level of progress and ultimate success.

God’ richest blessings for the New Year! May you attract adundance and a renewed sense of self-belief and willpower that propels your vision forward and brings about personal transformation.

And as they say…..if you reach for the moon and fall short you may still land amongst the stars. Either way your efforts will produce a win.

Yours truly,


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