Get Out Of Your Own Way

The world is ours to take by storm. Get ready and stay ready for when the opportunity comes…

When I first started my blog Life Lessons I made a personal commitment to share at least one article a month to provide my readers with insights, encouragement and inspiration wrapped around my personal experiences. As we all know, life happens and for some reason 2022 feels like it has been on fast forward so please allow me to start off this article with an apology. This is such an important space for me as it offers a real opportunity for me to keep paying it forward.

With all that being said, I must admit that March was an extremely exciting month for me. Packed with a high degree of intensity yet balanced with some truly remarkable experiences.

As if God had looked down on earth and personally chose me, the stars that normally guide my journey miraculously aligned with increased favor and boy has it been a journey. I was entering rooms I never really imagined and all I could do was marvel at just how how far I have come. From a life of poverty to experiencing significant life changing experiences built upon a foundation of tremendous gratitude.

I think for the first time as opposed to first asking myself “why me”, I declared “why not me”! I honestly wish I could put into words how this change in perspective unleashed a new level of joy and contentment within me.

Elevate Your Thinking

Your thoughts and words have power and are even more powerful when you believe them yourself. Guard them well….

I am a firm believer that sometimes we just have to get out of our own way. Our mindset and our words play an important role in how we view, execute and embrace life. Rebuking legacy ways of thinking to birthing a renewed mindset and attitude of “I am deserving.” Embracing a solid belief that you have earned the right to be here and to bask in the glory of your achievements. 

I can attest that this new way of thinking changed everything about how I embraced my recent experiences. I was literally entering rooms that called for thought-leadership and higher than normal levels of assertiveness. Meanwhile, also entering other rooms that literally made my jaw drop because of the prestige, class and glix and glamour associated with the ambience and activities. Let’s not talk about me getting to enjoy my “first” first-class experience and arriving in countries across the globe that were no where near my travel bucket list. You can rest assured that I was entering these rooms with pride and a great deal of confidence.

We must be ever mindful that our thoughts become our spoken words which infiltrates our belief system if we allow them to marinate in our minds for too long, hence why we need to get in the habit of elevating our thinking and feeding our minds with positive vibrations.

Fighting imposter syndrome becomes real when we manage to convince ourselves of the need to settle or that we don’t deserve what we are experiencing when good things happen in our lives. Trust me I know this, having experienced it for a greater part of my life. What we feed our minds through our very own thinking either elevates or derails our efforts at progression. With a good foundation set, we must never accept that where we are in our journey and what we have already achieved is the limit to what we deserve in this life.

As a means of self-coaching you must first ask yourself, how can you truly relish in the rewards if you don’t first believe that you deserve moments of happiness and success commensurate with the efforts you put in? It is time for you to trust your own level of preparation and stop second guessing the strides that you are making.

Get Out Of Your Own Way

Truthfully, you will be surprised at all life has to offer when you start to act in alignment with the person you aspire of becoming. If you fail to believe that you deserve a life of abundance then you are unconsciously disregarding your blessings. It takes courage to show up and claim a life of abundance because guess what, abundance is always preceded by effort and consistent action. God has made many promises to us that require us to fix our focus, set our mind, prepare the foundation and match our efforts with the desires of our hearts. It is up to us! We must be prepared to come up higher.

Having the confidence to step forward in faith and believe in your abilities comes from an eagerness to take action and a willingness to learn from new experiences so that you can keep evolving. This helps to build up the capacity to speak with authority which in turn attracts new opportunities.

We must realise that being uncomfortable is part of the journey to happiness, success and fulfilment. We simply need to get used to this emotion and start to use it to our advantage. Quite frankly, the greatest leaps of my personal and professional growth happened in the moments when I was most uncomfortable. These situations more often than not call for us to evaluate our standards and up our level of preparation.

As you continue to grow, I encourage you to look beyond the horizon. Accept that a renewed way of thinking is required for you to not only grow but to enjoy all that life has to offer. Your mindset and words are powerful and even more so when we believe them.

Get in the habit of celebrating your wins so that this continues to fuel your momentum. You owe it to yourself to make peace with what other people may be saying and stop allowing this to become a distraction. Remember….you were choosen for a reason. Never accept the notion that you don’t deserve to celebrate your efforts at life. It’s never about being boastful. If anything, you owe it to yourself to bask in the glory of your wins. Embrace and celebrate all you deserve after the foundation has been set!

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