Seek Clarity In The Vision

Vision Without Action Becomes A Missed Opportunity” ~ ABE

It takes imagination to dream and conceptualize a vision but boldness, confidence and discipline to pursue it. Admittedly, even with laser-like focus, we can sometimes go off track.  It is therefore important that we challenge ourselves to always get back in alignment with our vision.

Interestingly, my own experience has taught me that where you focus your energy will almost always produce results. We must therefore be intentional to keep evaluating our daily actions to ensure that we still have clarity in Vision, clarity in Purpose and clarity in our Desired Results.

Evaluating Your Current Position

With the degree of uncertainty before us, many persons unfortunately are dealing with lack clarity. Our thoughts are fuzzy, farless our vision for the future. This can prove quite daunting and can most definitely result in lack of discipline and consistency in the type of daily routine required to produce any real traction.

I am constantly reminded that growth and comfort cannot coexist! Isn’t now the time to truly put our dreams to the test? Isn’t this period of slower than usual movement, the perfect opportunity to evaluate our purpose, to identify what is burning in our soul that needs to get done? Isn’t this the perfect time to muster up the courage to move from dreaming to translating the vision into an actionable game plan?

I still maintain that we have no clue how long this pandemic will linger so we should seek to come through on the other side, stronger and better positioned, and hopefully incorporating something we love.

Embracing the Vision

We must move with intentionality on our vision believing always that if we can dream it, we can have it! We just need to always seek clarity in the vision.” ~ABE

Over the last few years, I have been fortunate enough to connect with a greater purpose for my life and even more fortunate to find creative ways to incorporate alongside my professional career. Without a doubt this has pulled me way beyond my comfort zone and truth be told, I am still fighting daily to find the right balance. My passion for developing others and seeing them reach their fullest potential has knocked me straight out of my comfort zone.  Public speaking is still my greatest challenge as it does not come natural for me. In recent times however, I have pursued training related to public speaking and now challenge myself to embrace the opportunities that support my vision.

Another thing I’ve learnt about pursuing your dreams is that you must push pass the fear and be prepared to close any gaps presented that can prohibit you from fully achieving your dreams. You must also be aware of how others around you are directly or indirectly impacting your efforts at seeking clarity in your vision. Be sure to keep those dream crushes in the distance until you are grounded in your vision. There is also considerable value in aligning yourself with like-minded individuals who will offer the inspiration and motivation to help you on the journey

Accept The Challenge To Embrace The Vision

I challenge you today to understand how your actions are aligning with your own dreams and goals. To evaluate whether you are moving with enough intentionality to truly carve out and pursue a game plan that puts you closer to your dreams. We all need to stop just going with the flow; now is the time to bet on ourselves and yes, start taking risks on our desired future. These calculated risks must be grounded in clarity of your vision.

A good place to start is by asking yourself these important questions. What really gets you fired up? What gives you the greatest sense of satisfaction and fulfillment? Have you been burying my dreams and if so, dig a little deeper to understand why? Is your fear of the unknown greater than the thought of owning the dream?

Always remember that mediocrity is a personal choice! Are you really prepared to settle or do you want to go after the dreams that truly feed your soul? Only you can answer that! You have to be intentional not to just settle for good when great can be yours. It’s time to visualize your highest self and show up as that person.

It is time to get moving…..

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