Leading in Times of Crisis

“In the middle of difficulty lies opportunities.” Albert Einstein

With all that’s going on across the globe with this COVID 19 pandemic, I decided to tune into a webinar focused on “Leading Through A Crisis” hosted by John C. Maxwell. Quite timely and relevant indeed as I walked away with a new leadership concept. But then I got to thinking, was it really a leadership concept or is it applicable to anyone seeking to take their life to the next level.

The acronym PGE stands for Pain – Gain – Experience and simply suggests that when leading through a crisis these are the different stages that a leader goes through. First you will encounter pain as you maneuver the crisis but this same pain allows you to gain some valuable lessons and even enhance or acquire new skills, which ultimately adds to a wealth of experiences. The message to leaders was clear, it will be tough but it will be worthwhile in the end if we are to embrace the journey.

Sounds quite simple indeed, yet many times as we are in the moment, many persons tend not to focus on anything else but the pain. This is a luxury not afforded to leaders. Effective leadership requires that you lead from the front, and moreso in times of crisis. The best leaders understand the importance of genuinely connecting with their people. No one expects you to have all the answers, yet you must show up and exhibit optimism all the way, believing that your people will pull through the current crisis.

With the understanding that uncertainty naturally creates panic, leadership requires that you remain the “calm” and be the “voice of reason” in the storm if the team is to pull through the crisis. John C. Maxwell reminded the leaders tuned in that “how you see things is how you will do things”.

As difficult as it may be, leading through any crisis (farless this COVID 19 pandemic where it literally looks and feels like the entire world is falling apart), requires leaders to see beyond the horizon. Your role as a leader is to see the opportunities and inspire hope! Creativity, strategic thinking, calm, empathy and steadiness must become your trademark if you are to effectively steer the ship to safer waters.

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