Give the Gift of Inspiration this Christmas!

Are you an aspiring leader and feeling stuck in your career? Need some inspiration to advance your career to the next level? Or simply need some inspiration to elevate to the next level? Maybe you or a friend are experiencing some of these feelings. The book "LIFE LESSONS A Purpose Driven Leadership Journey" written by Alison [...]

The Art of Building Resilience

Resilience! Literally the buzz word of this era we are now living in. Everywhere we turn, every presenter and every article you read the theme seems to be centered around this thing called "resilience". This pandemic has acted as a temperature gauge for our internal compass of resilience. Identifiable the root cause of overwhelming pain [...]

Seek Clarity In The Vision

"Vision Without Action Becomes A Missed Opportunity" ~ ABE It takes imagination to dream and conceptualize a vision but boldness, confidence and discipline to pursue it. Admittedly, even with laser-like focus, we can sometimes go off track.  It is therefore important that we challenge ourselves to always get back in alignment with our vision. Interestingly, [...]

A Serious Balancing Act

The struggle is real... I know everyone keeps talking about levelling up or bossing up (myself included) but God knows it's not easy. Pursuit of our dreams and aspirations calls for us to be intentional but also for a serious balancing act. Furthermore, our daily lifestyles can make it feel near impossible to break the cycle necessary to get anything "extra" done.