Moving with Intentionality into 2021

We should all give ourselves a pat on the back because this year has been one rough ride. As we move into the New Year, I honestly believe that many of us have grown in wisdom, resilience and our faith. As a new year dawns, you are encouraged to draw on the foundation that has been set and to shake things up as you move with intentionality to claim your goals, dreams and aspirations.

Every year I am inspired and motivated by “one or two” words that God places in my soul. These words dictate how I show up and how I show out! My word for 2020 has been “elevate“! Put aside all the personal and professional challenges faced (and there were quite a few), I was on a mission to elevate my leadership within my organization, while simultaneously elevating my personal brand position! I was not about to choose as it was not an either or decision.

But here’s the thing….I have never done an actual vision board even though I love the concept.

Over the years, having a personal vision theme at the forefront of my mind somehow keeps me focused and intentional about my growth and forward movement. My desire to elevate my leadership required a conscious shift in my leadership style but will now ensure that I am better equipped to continue working through teams to deliver strong on key strategic goals as we manage through a major transition. In addition, my passion for pouring my knowledge, experience and skills to the professional development of others will certainly lead me down new paths.

As you too focus on making your own boss moves in the year ahead, I encourage you to become even more intentional in these three aspects of your life:

1) Talk to God! Get in the habit of speaking openly to God. Increasing our conversations help to keep us grounded in our faith. For me, I firmly believe that God has lead me on this path so I expect Him to deliver on His promises in pursuit of my aspirations and He knows it.

2) Refine your inner circle! Be sure to show genuine love and appreciation to those that stand by you and keep pushing you forward. In this volatile environment, we need all the love and positive affirmation we can get. Do not allow anyone that does not and cannot contribute to your positive energy flow to become a distraction.

“Many times your rate of advancement is very much tied to the quality of persons you have in your life. No jealousy, no mistrust – no discouragement – only positive vibes.”

3) Stay true to who you are but be intentional at increasing your potential! Your ability to attract new opportunities is very much tied to how you choose to expand your capacity. Invest in yourself!  Commit to learning a new personal development skill or start that business that you have kept buried for way too long or simply by embracing new opportunities that may be available to you.

2021 will be a year of rebuilding and transformation.

The road we will be on will require boldness and confidence in our own abilities. We must be “intentional” at taking specific actions that propel us forward and at keeping our energy right and our circle tight. Remember that you are not in competition with anyone; slow and steady works too. There are many lessons to be learnt from failing forward so stop shying away from trying new things just because you are uncertain of the outcome. We must be prepared to step forward in faith once we are satisfied with our level of preparation.

“Allow yourself to blossom and do so with pride and humility. Oh and please do yourself a favor and stop dimming your light to the comfort and benefit of others.”

Here’s to a New Year filled with the spirit of intentionality aimed at fueling transformation and success. Let’s all assume the position of CEO of our lives and get on with the job of making some serious boss moves!

Stay Blessed!


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