Embrace The Journey – Part 2

In Part 1 of the “Embrace the Embrace“, I looked at the varying perspectives on what it takes to achieve success. By now, I am hoping that you understand that success comes from transformation; and that transformation is a journey or according to Michelle Obama, a forward motion to become the best version of yourself.

Transformation is By No Means An Overnight Process

Transforming your life calls for you to constantly visualise your future self, while being intentional about becoming that person at every stage of the journey.  This can sometimes result in lost friendships, a shift in focus from things you once fancied and sure enough a myriad of new challenges. Yet, whenever you make a conscious decision to pursue your dreams, you must be truly  prepared to confront the roadblocks that will be presented.

From my own experience, if you are to successfully maneuver these sometimes turbulent waters, you must be prepared to do things differently ~ to step outside of your comfort zone and tackle challenges head on. Embracing the fact that there is always something to learn from each new experience. 

Sure you can all identify at least two or three goals you would love to achieve in this lifetime. For some, these goals can be quite scary due to lack of a clear roadmap as to how to get started. But, as I like to say, without a start, there is no chance of ever finishing so it would prove beneficial to buckle down, do some research on the topic, apply your collective learnings, get your attitude and mindset in check and just go ahead and get started. This mindset forces you to keep all your actions and reactions aligned towards the desired end state. 

Trust The Process

“Each level of your life will require a different you and it all starts with the mind!

In conversation recently, someone said to me, “you do realize that the inspirational quotes you post on social media are so much easier said than done.” She was absolutely right! Nevertheless, I welcomed the opportunity to engage further explaining that a key element of success is possessing a positive mindset and believing in yourself; in your abilities.  People tend to see the success stories and never the struggles but actively pursuing personal and or professional goals can call for some serious personal sacrifice. Yes, the struggles are real!

Regardless of your chosen journey, your level of success will be determined by your work ethic, your passion, your drive, your credibility and your personal standard of excellence; and most definitely not your title.  A growth mindset allows us to consistently see challenges, delays and even setbacks as an opportunity to re-assess any situation for a better comeback. These are what I like to refer to as our “defining moments“; the points at which we rise to the occasion, while building character, capacity and tenacity. The mind is a powerful tool once we begin to rewire it correctly, we begin to function on a whole new level. 

John C. Maxwell suggests that “comfort and growth cannot co-exist” and based on my own personal experience, this has been proven true time and time again. The journey to success, whatever this looks like for you, is one that forces us to keep evolving. It is therefore important that you chart a path forward for your life that aligns with your own dreams, passions and deepest desires. This will prove to be a source of motivation, and that much needed internal boost of energy that helps to get you back on track, from time to time.  

But guess what? It’s your life to live so don’t be shy, you maybe the only one standing between yourself and success. Take control and go ahead and embrace the journey….

One thought on “Embrace The Journey – Part 2

  1. This is a very insightful article. Very often the models for success as well professional development are based on anecdotal evidence at best. The application of a model for success is easier said than done and I completely agree. If we are seeking to constantly improve, then our model must constantly improve as we hope to. Thank you for the insight and the sheer bravery, putting yourself out there as an example for those who seek to follow and be successful. Cheers !


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