Living in Purpose

I am not trying to be popular; just purposeful!” – Unknown


Over the last few months, this crisis has reminded me that being successful and being fulfilled are not the same thing. I am also reminded that life really isn’t about finding yourself, it’s about discovering who God created us to be and living our lives with purpose as we strive to keep evolving. Some persons continue to struggle to identify with a greater purpose but if you are fortunate enough to identify with a God-given purpose, the hunger to do more and achieve more is never really satisfied. You constantly live your life firmly believing that there is another level with your name on it and it shows in your daily actions, your energy and in the passion exhibited as you keep pushing forward.

People are always asking me “when do you find the time to fit in all the things you do with your schedule?” While I sometimes wonder the same thing, there has been one common denominator that keeps me going – I do it all in love. You have to love what you do! The fact is, all my personal and professional endeavors are very much intertwined and lead to my quest to fulfill one common goal….

“To fulfill the love and passion I have for connecting with, reaching back and helping others to expand the vision they have for their lives, while witnessing the transformation as they elevate to reach new levels of excellence.

A burning desire to constantly inspire others to see the possibilities of a more fulfilling and rewarding future often sees me tackling all sorts of special projects. Truth be told, balancing the seeds or talents that God has gifted me alongside my other career demands is by no means an easy feat. Thankfully, the challenge before me is not one of lack of motivation so I somehow manage to get things done. In hindsight, it probably helps that my personal mantra is anything worth doing simply needs to get done.

Like many of you, my primary challenge continues to be the reality of juggling time. However, I recently read a quote from a young, dynamic motivational speaker, Raphael Saul that really set me thinking. He challenged “whether people are really facing a time issue or a prioritizing issue when it comes to getting things done”. This I found quite thought-provoking even though I still have not yet nailed my answer to the question. Nevertheless, I find that I am now ever more conscious of how some activities are aligning to my overall purpose.


It is truly amazing how despite the success achieved, some persons can still manage to feel quite unfulfilled. For me personally, with so much untapped potential and a fire that continues to burn deep inside, I too sometimes feel like I am lagging behind. While I continue to be excited at the fruits of my labor which helps to sustain momentum, I am even more excited at the prospects that lie ahead for me to continue shaping the transformation of others.

The path to making even greater strides in the area you are most passionate about will come down to greater self discipline. Be reminded that self discipline is critical to making any real significant progress. The consistency needed to explore new ways to live out your deep-rooted purpose that feeds your soul and gets your excited each and every time is only acquired through a disciplined routine. We must be committed to scheduling in the things that matter most. Personally, the habit of self discipline has proven to be one of the career winning strategies that has allowed me to consistently elevate both my execution and contribution.

Over time, you will realize that the ability to live a fulfilling life definitely gives much greater satisfaction than what most us deem to be success. In this world of so much uncertainty, you must identify and connect with a strong purpose in order to stay grounded and keep evolving. Remembering always that how we choose to live our lives is a gift back to God.

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