Building Capacity

Transformation begins with you…

At the beginning of this year, I declared that 2019 has to be an easier year for me. Of course my friend quickly took the opportunity to remind me that I say this every year. This really set me thinking and I don’t have to tell you that on reflection this really is a true representation of my professional journey.

“As intense as it can be at times, I seem to thrive with the adrenaline that comes from pushing pass established bounderies and norms.”

As a transformational leader, it is always important to show passion for continuous improvement of self, the team and the business if you are to succeed at executing a vision and transforming the organisational culture. Make no mistake, preserving your health and close relationships while pursuing such a strategy calls for tremendous work-life balance.

So how does one maintain such balance while respecting personal limits? Where do you draw the line between stretching others to reach their fullest potential and overextending yourself? Personally, I have always held the view that people sometimes have no idea what their true limits are until faced with a new challenge or until someone takes a leap of faith to show them what they are really made of. Quite frankly, this perspective has probably shaped my entire leadership style.

We are constantly building new levels of capacity and stamina without even realizing it and this surely plays a part in stimulating personal growth. Whether it be a new job, studying, navigating a difficult relationship, dealing with grief or even betrayal, our ability to deal with life’s challenges while emerging stronger is true testament to our ability to build new capacity each and every time.

While this degree of change can prove quite overwhelming, we need to allow ourselves to be truly challenged if we are to break those glass ceilings. From experience, holding on to and leveraging what you already know has its place yet this approach alone does not and can not fuel your progress and personal or professional growth. Building new capacity requires you to remain open-minded however; while embracing changes to your mindset.

So let’s get our minds and attitudes right and stop imposing limits on our ability to grow and reach our fullest potential. This approach will allow you to do more, become more and overcome more. Challenge yourself today to get out there and create new life goals. You may just be surprised how much more you can accomplish or withstand and your future self will thank you for it!

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